Soy Protein And Estrogen Discussion

07/21/2012 10:24
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R1- Lets keep this thread clean of personal dislikes and on topic.

What is your input on Soy Protein raising estrogen? I've read that the process of which soy protein is extracted uses alcohol, which depletes more than 98% of phyto-estrogen content.

"You know the fun thing about the soy protein debate is people only hear what they want to hear, yes soy protein contains phyto-estrogen base which does highly mimic the properties of human estrogen, but the strange thing is under low doses phyto estrogen actually attaches itself to human estrogen cells making the body believe there is more estrogen in the body so it actually lowers it's estrogen production to comphensate, yet phyto estrogen doesn't have all the catabolic properties as normal human estrogen."

It seems to be a torn discussion. There are studies proving both sides. I personally think it does not affect hormones to any measurable degree. Any insight on the subject is appreciated

Both sides of the argument so read carefully.
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The point is that based on available research, soy protein isolate should be considered a viable choice for protein supplementation.

There is a chance, I'll admit, that a complete dietary replacement of chicken, beef, milk, fish proteins in favor of soy could make a small, imperceptible difference in hormone profiles. I'd say this effect, while perhaps unlikely, has not been definitively ruled out just yet.

What we're arguing about, though, is supplementation. Will 30-60g per day of SPI-90 hurt your gains/make you unhealthy? I just don't think so, and I hope Pat can shed some light on this. This is a particularly relevant question because whey protein is getting damn expensive and SPI-90 offers a decent taste, nice nutrition profile, and cheap alternative.
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i was talking to douglas kalman recently who said that he studied a group of males ingesting soy protein powder (a substantial amount per day) and after a period of time they showed no disturbance in hormone levels

i think soy protein powder is ok but i would limit it to 30 -40 grams a day still just to be safe
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Do you know how much was being ingested during that study? Is it/will it be published?
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i dont remember but he may have said 60g

i dunno whether it will be published. i didnt pursue the line of conversatoin
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The Soy hysteria on this board is laughable. I remember a thread where a guy was going to the supermarket and looking through every single brand of tuna to find one that had no trace amounts of soy. He was thinking the soy in the tuna was going to make him grow boobs.
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So since most get that amount from shakes per day, personally I do 2 shakes when needed which is 40gPRO, would you agree that soy protein supplementation is safe in regards to null effects on hormones and is a viable option?

Its out of control, soy doesn't give you man boobs. ****ty genetics do.
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Yea there are a few on that LOOOOOVE to quickly say that Soy = the man boobies.
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I'd be more interested in a comparison to casein or egg.
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This train of thought is about as popular as "eat frequent meals" in the United States
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there are other soy products which are much more rich in isoflavones than soy protein isolate