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Dr. Houser On Indole-3-Carbinol (I3C)

11/20/2012 08:40
Ogrestrength- 400mg Daily 3 Months On/1 Month Off I would avoid the NOW Brand due to the flax component (estrogenic). "I keep coming back to this one. "It just irks me so much that this info still surfaces. Dr. Zeligs owns a patent on a product containing DIM that combines DIM with...

Foreign Substance

08/29/2012 12:59
Foreign Substance - PA.pdf (402 kB)   File is PDF, Feel Free to Download And Save

Methyl Synephrine, Cheap Filler

08/29/2012 09:43
OgreStrength: Beta-methoxy-synephrine, otherwise known as O-methyl-synephrine (or termed inappropriately "methylsynephrine") is an analogue of synephrine which is found in Acacia Rigidula and other plants. It was recently touted by a company rep as being a strong stimulant, despite that fact...


06/12/2012 23:00
Several selected publications on phenylpiracetam that we cite here are from Russian journals, which are not in PubMed. We reviewed, without a selection bias, key and core articles that demonstrate evidence-based clinical investigations and other available information on marketed products,...

Neuron/Mad Chemist on Dendrobium

05/21/2012 06:54
Even weirder that the leading analytical chemist studying dendrobium has never found a PEA-type compound in dendrobium In terms of quantity, that ingredient (not even listed on the label) is the largest sum. As far as I know, creatine hasn't even been found in the product. The main ingredient...

BCAA's, Necessary? Or Waste? I agree with these guys....BUT, Continue Reading After Their Quotes.

04/04/2012 07:28
M. Berkhan: No, you get plenty off BCAAs from food protein sources, especially whey protein. There’s nothing showing any benefit of excessive dosing. Because BCAAs are very glucogenic, they will most likely end up in your bloodstream as glucose. Bodybuilders who eat piles of protein and consume...